Quality Policy 

The Quality Policy is aimed at providing the company with all the tools suitable for business growth and customer satisfaction through a  continuous improvement process. 
This policy is necessary to formalize the goals and commitments that are to be achieved; the basis of this choice are the following:


  • reinforcing the image that CECOM transmits to its Customers in terms of high standards quality and reliability;

  • interpreting the needs of market and fulfilling the needs and expectations of Customer;

  • improving the company's organization, work environment and technology in order to increase the level of productive efficiency and standards of quality;

The business goals are detailed to follow:

  1. Increase the quality of work environments, following the choices of comply with international quality (UNI EN ISO 9001:2015) and safety (OHSAS 18000) standards.

  2. Improvement of standards and production methods, through an intense control of machining and UHV and controls performed, in compliance with current regulations and Customer specifications.

  3. Investing in a continuous and systematic improvement of the production process through investments in technologies and training programs, carried out by internal and external teacher.

  4. Systematically verify the effectiveness of the indicators used to monitor business process efficiency through internal controls and audits involving all personnel and production processes, through an intensive internal control and examination, getting involve all worker, and customer satisfaction analysis.

  5. Sensitising employees to Quality concept, not only applied of product but also of system management (SGQ) of CECOM and its Customers. Therefore, the internal document system will be improved, adapting the system to the company's internal needs and customer demands. Periodic training on the major changes, that the documentation may endured as a result of revisions, will be performed.

  6. Investing in a deeper diffusion of "Risk Based Thinking" concept, that is an approach to activities based on risk and opportunity  management.

  7. Constant analysis of faults and returned products (complaints) in order to identify the causes of non-compliance by means of a critical and systematic analysis that leads to a constant improvement of CECOM's standards of quality, for reducing non conformities and complaints.

  8. Careful and active analysis of reliable suppliers through an investigation of their work and needs, in order to create stable, productive and efficient collaboration relationships. Searching for new suppliers of raw materials, services and processing / treatments, to expand the CECOM supplier database.

Implementation and Responsibility:

Quality Assurance shall represent the Management and shall guarantee realization and continuous improvement of the Quality System by controlling the effectiveness of the system its self in relation to aims of the Quality Policy and compliance with reference requirements.

The Management promotes Quality culture through the commitment of all employees. It is required that everyone is involved and aware of his role and responsibility for achieving the goals of Quality and Continuous Improvement.

All CECOM staff have the duty and the right to participate, in accordance with their responsibilities and competences, to achievement of business goals defined by the Management, that will make available all necessary resources for their realization.

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